Accounting Services by Accounting Company Sofia

Welcome to the website of Accounting Company Sofia (AC Sofia)!

Accounting Company Sofia provides accounting and payroll services, legal services, company registration, tax and legal consultations and advices for Bulgarian companies, trading in Bulgaria, EU countries, Europe and the whole World.

The Accounting services by AC Sofia are extremely good quality and at affordable prices. We provide an individual pricing for subscription accounting and payroll services, according to your needs and requirements, thus you pay what you are using only. However, we accept gifts – if you buy us a beer in the summer or a chocolate in the winter, you are a good thankful client!

Are you looking for a new accountant or new accounting company?

Changing your current accountant or accounting company is not like changing your Mobile or Internet provider!

If you are happy with your current accountant or accounting company, and you work with them few years already, our advice is to stick with them and continue your work in the future! (Even if that cost you a bit more money!)

If you are looking for a cheaper price – think about it twice! You could get much worse quality, which could lead to extra administrative fines and direct financial losses. Is this worth the risk? You’ll decide… – the choice is yours!

We would like you to become our client, so please contact us for an individual offer for accounting services or subscription accounting and payroll services. First, you may would like to review our services and prices.