Accounting services prices (2019 and 2020)

Prices for accounting and payroll services (2019 и 2020), legal and accounting consultations, tax planning, company registrations and so on, are based on individual needs and requirements. We had published some example subscription prices in the Bulgarian version of the website, but they are not good examples for English-speaking owners, which usually trade with EU-countries and outside-EU, and not inside Bulgaria-only. Our individual prices are offered after review from chief accountant or auditor.

Accounting/Business consultation price (incl. company registration topics – limited company, VAT registration)

If you are going to start a new business or a new company and you have many questions about how much that would cost you, how much you can save and what is needed to start economic activity – business/accounting/legal consultation service is for you.

If you created your company already, but you have accounting, tax or legal questions, which require expertise and you need consultation by experienced accountant or auditor – we are willing to help you out.

The consultation price is an individual one-time fee. It depends on the specific questions, expertise/experience needed and the duration of the consultation. The prices start from 50 EUR and we are willing to answer all your questions, so you can save and earn thousands EUR/USD/GBP… That’s a good ROI (return on investment) rate.

Subscription price for accounting and payroll services for companies

Subscription price for accounting and payroll services for companies depend on these factors:

Individual prices for accounting and payroll services/subscription

We provide individual prices for accounting and payroll services/subscription, based on your real needs and requirements. You pay only what you are using! If you expect big decrease in the number of documents for a month or two and you notify us in advance, we can decrease the price for these months.

Contact us for individual offer for accounting services/subscription!